Treat Yourself in Paris: Salons and Spas

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So you’re in Paris, enjoying some of the greatest food and scenery of your life, admiring the fashions you see on nearly every single Frenchwoman, and you think it might be time to let go of a little bit of the American do-it-yourself-ism. Treat yourself. Embrace pampering. Prepare for a huge holiday party. Up your game on the fashion front. Or maybe you just want to keep up with your weekly massage and facial routine. Whatever your needs, here are some of the top recommended salons and spas in Paris.

The power of a great hair cut: Innately understood by every woman who went through a break up and cut eight inches off her hair, it’s best summarized by Coco Chanel. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” If you’re in Paris and looking to change your life, the Vee Hair salon, 64 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, is English-speaker friendly and known for their true artistry of hair cuts. An intimate boutique feel, Vee Hair takes pride in offering a one-on-one experience to patrons. Their moto is “Une heur rien que pour vous,” or “an hour for nothing but you.” Operation times vary, be sure to call ahead for an appointment 01 43 55 08 65. If you’re still nervous about the idea of getting some of your hair cut off while abroad, Diane, anAmerican blogger discusses “How to be a pro at getting a haircut in France.

A top notch, intimate hair salon in Paris, Vee Hair

A little less drastic than a hair cut would be a ‘blow out.’ Blow outs, the term for having your hair dried and styled by experts, can last 3-7 days depending upon how you care for your hair and the weather you subject it to. For some travelers, getting a blow out at the beginning of their week abroad sets them up for a week of amazing looking no-fuss hair. (And here’s a secret: it’s not unheard of for Parisian women to have their hair professionally washed and styled weekly). For your Parisian styling, try Saravy, 29 rue Saint Sauveur. They are open till 8pm most evenings and 9pm on Thursdays. As usual, it’s best to call ahead for an appointment 01 85 08 65 25.

Nuxe Spa tub

A trip to Paris is the perfect time to take advantage of French skin care. The Spa Nuxe, 32 rue Montorgueil, employs and English speaking receptionist, is known for being easy to book. And…it’s just amazingly beautiful. Pictures of the interior of the spa will not only entice you to book an entire day of services, but also take note on style and decor for your next bathroom remodel. Who wouldn’t want to slip into THIS tub?! 


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While not a boutique-style Parisian original, the Six Senses Spa, 3 rue de Castiglione offers exquisite pampering services with local twists. If you’re having trouble finding it from the street, here’s a tip: it’s located within the Westin Hotel and an easy walk from the Louvre. Book a Jet Lag Recovery for your first day in Paris: a full body massage, foot acupressure and head massage to reduce inflammation and tension from flying. The Rooftop Honey Facial treatment is designed to help your skin handle pollution and local irritants by using local honey cultivated on Parisian rooftops. Seriously.  On their website you can download a menu of services in English and reserve appointments by phone: 33 01 43 16 1010.

Remember, no matter what your budget and whether you want spur of the moment services or have your appointment three months in advance, you can find a salon in Paris to fit your needs. In the words of Diane of Oui France, “Salons in France are as plentiful as boulangeries. Walk down the street in any reasonably-sized city and you’ll have more than enough choices.”

Happy Pampering!




Contribution by  Rachel Diane Esthetics. Rachel is a certified make up artist and licensed esthetician in CA and can be found on herFacebook page where she answers questions about all topics from blending your own foundation, creating stage/costume make up effects, discusses every day beauty, and posts the occasional funny picture of her cat.



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