Week's Best of Parisian Blogs thru May 30th

Be prepared for cravings: this week there was a lot more on food, and from food bloggers. Also, Mama Loves Paris came in with a wonderful post about mother's in Paris, the myths and reality thereof. Plus, great travel planning ideas from Distant Francophile, award winning photos by Gloria Villa, and Paris celebrates bread. 


American (stuff) in Paris

If you’re planning a whirlwind Parisian love affair (and trust me, if you’re in Paris, you can’t help but have a love affair with the city), you’ll have your toiletries bag well packed, a conscience mix of exactly what you need for your limited time. But if you’re planning a longer stay (or are just a perpetually curious person and can’t get enough of Lebovitz’s delightful writing) this is a very handy list by the acclaimed chef and Parisian resident: the things he always takes back to Paris after visiting the States. From kitchen goodies, food to toiletries, everything on this list is easily found at Target or Meijers…but scare on the ground in Paris.

Feeding the Kiddos

Travelling with children can present a seemingly endless array of challenges - and most of it about mundane things like sleeping and eating. Many intrepid family travellers share their insights on the blogosphere and it all comes down to the same thing “Go!” Pack the bags, put beloved teddy bear and blankie in your carry-on, and hop on that plane.

In a city that treats food and dining with great reverence and artistry, it can be a bit daunting to think of taking young children into the charming bistros and cafes you’ve dreamt of. This blog article from the head of communication at Paris Muse, Kristen Laasko, is a helpful guide on managing meal time with children in Paris. With suggestions for specific restaurants and bistros and food itself, this is a must read guide for touring Paris with children, no matter how long your intended stay. And after reading it…I’m really hungry.


Le Sigh…L’Amour…The best engagement photos of 2016

In the world of engagement photographers, Gloria Villa is a big name, and for good reason. Recently, her photos were found in Junebug Wedding’s best engagement photos of 2016, you can view the portfolio here. Gloria, a part of the Kiss Me in Paris photography team, shares some of her tips on getting a great engagement photo in this blog. This is a good read you’re looking for a photographer specifically, tips on creating your own photos, or can’t get enough of her beautiful artistic photography. Kiss Me in Paris has a wonderful Facebook feed as well and it’s worth ‘liking’ their page to see the occasional beautiful and delightful photo pop up in your newsfeed.


The Woman, The Myth, The Legend: The Maman

Take a deep breath, moms everywhere. The Parisian mamans are not endlessly cool, collected, and wearing designer clothes that magically repel spit up and spilled juice. Mama Loves Paris writes about the myths of Parisian motherhood, and talks to real Parisian moms about those perceptions- and gets the real story. But this part is true, the mums interviewed agree that they maintain a clear authority “According to the French Mums we spoke to, the Parisian Mama is definitely in control. She doesn’t allow the children to become confused with regards to their status.”

Paris with your hobbies

It seems like such an obvious thing I virtually did a face palm upon reading this blog by Janelle at Distant Francophile. Of course, you should let your hobbies guide your vacation. Not into art? It’s okay to skip the Louvre. I’ve just given you permission. Paris is a big city, whatever your hobbies, you’ll find things to do in the city that match up with your own passions. Distant Francophile’s blog gives specific suggestions on how to do Paris if you’re interested in wine, fine dining, history and art, and bicycling. Feeling inspired, I’ll be posting later this week on a Parisian tour of music and other thematic vacations.

Celebrating Bread…and Moms

The States isn’t the only country with a day dedicated to celebrating moms. The French just enjoyed their own Mother’s Day on May 29th. Much like American mother’s day, moms are showered with handmade cards, flowers and delicate treats. This Paris Breakfast blog is mostly picture based, with gorgeous images from florists and bakeries, displaying their wares made for maman.

The week leading up to Fete des Meres (Mother’s Day), was Fete du Pain- a celebration of bread. Don’t look at these pictures if you still have an hour to go before your lunch break. YUM!!


What did I miss? Anything catch your attention this week? Tell me: bonjour@parisbyheart.com


a bientôt!