The Week's Best of Parisian Blogs

So many blogs, so little time. Here's the weeks' best of blogs out of Paris. Some history, fashion, cultural stereotypes, new style of internet cafe, and a quiz- to test just how much a Francophile you really are. 


The best blogs from Paris through May 21st


The Francophile Test

You took French in high school, did a college summer exchange program in Lyons, and honeymooned in Paris. But are you a true Francophile? This Buzzfeed quiz will tell you. Okay, I know, these are cheesy and –shocker!- not scientifically accurate. But if you have a few minutes to kill on your commute or waiting for the dentist, pull this one up and compare results with your Francophile friends. It’s surprisingly hard and I didn’t score as well as I thought I would! I mean…for the life of my I couldn’t remember the French word for “panda…”

The Queen of Fashion

When we say “the queen of fashion” we’re not talking about a Kardashian, Olsen twins (though The Row line is beautiful), but the true Queen, Marie Antoinette. This is a wonderful read about fashion and history, and just how Marie Antoinette came to hold her place as ‘the most beautiful woman in France.’ Key to her influence was of course her dressmaker. “Before Chanel and Dior, there was Rose Bertin, a commoner and humble dressmaker.” Thank you Girl's Guide to Paris!


Learning French to be in France

Oui in France discusses learning French, but with a more focus than your standard high school/college class. What do you do if you actually need to use the language your learning? Of course comprehension needs to be your focus. That language will be coming at you fast, and with slight inflections of local pronunciation your careful academic studies don’t prepare you for. Check out the blog for tips and hacks on getting the comprehension part down. You can conjugate verbs later.

Stereotypes of Anglos

Of course we’ve talked a lot about perceptions of French culture, but what do people in French culture think of Anglos? Using top Google searches, The Local looks at eleven of the most asked questions about people in English speaking cultures. Every now and then, it’s good to step out of your home turf and usual mindset and try to see yourself from the outside.

Making the Ordinary into the Ornamental

Elevating the already technically proficient national railway, since 2012, rail cars have been getting interior makeovers. Previous cars have adornments of Impressionist art and stained glass, but this…is a crowning jewel. The new cars are created to mirror the interior of the Palace of Versailles. Head to Slate to see extensive and beautiful photos by Maxime Huriez. Paris is truly ornamental.


Photo Credit: Maxime Huriez via Slate


Rethinking the “Laptop and Café” Cliché

I do it all the time, rent space by the cup at a favorite café. The Parisian chain of Anticafe was designed with “creative and freelancers” in mind, to address this very habit. For just 5 euros, on rents an hour of space, unlimited beverages and wifi connection. If you’re planning on finishing your novel or keep the seat till you finish the project due now, you can pay 24 euros for the entire day. Can we have these in the States please?


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