Week's Best of Parisian Blogs

Ready to revel in Paris? This week's best on the blogs. Spoiler Alert: it's about food. 

The best blogs from Paris through May 15th


Amazing pictures of food abound this month, and last week was particularly rich with photos of butter cookies (David Lebowitz), pear tartes (My Little Paris), and infographics of everything you want to eat RIGHT NOW (Oui In France’s FB page). Fortunately for my own waistline and cravings it wasn’t all about food. Here’s some of the best:


Culture Trip

Zut! Just as I write this I see that the blog was originally posted in February, though it just came across my Parisian lovin’ social media in the last week. I’m including it anyway because it’s wonderful. 20 Things Only a Parisian Would Do might not be strictly accurate (I mean, I personally wear sunglasses year round as well) but it’s a good summary of the little things that makes Parisians…well…you know, Parisians. And yes, there really do wear tennis shoes a lot.


Car Free

The really big news from the last week was the first installment of the “Paris Breathes” initiative, wherein certain city blocks are open to only pedestrian traffic. Streets like…Champs Elysees Ave. Environmental reports suggest that air quality might have improved by 40% in just one car free day. Some enthusiasts are calling for a car free Paris- forever and ever amen- making the point that public transport is sufficient to get pretty much anywhere, anytime. While they aren’t about to ban la voiture forever, there will be many more car-free days in the future, about once a month if things stay on schedule.


photo credit: pbs.org

The French Kiss

Over at another personal favorite, Distant Francophile, Janelle introduces her readers to the blog Slantish, with the evocative tagline “The world can be viewed from many perspectives. “ Beautifully written, this post examines the custom of the French greeting kisses. “If I could define Paris in one word, it would be ornamental.” Read it- any traveller or Francophile or culture curious- take a moment to read it.


Southern American in Paris- and totally owning it


photo credit: fullyfunny.fr

You’re following Mama Loves Paris, aren’t you? If keeping up on blogs isn’t your thing, at the very least, follow her beautiful Facebook account to fall in love with Paris, every single day. The pictures alone are delightful. This week MLP shared a wonderful story about Trieze, a baker’s dozen, a Parisian restaurant opened by American Laurel Sanderson. Head over to the MLP blog to read the interview, little personal insights into Paris, and see the pictures of her charming locale.


Picnic like a Parisian

Tourists in Paris can’t help but comment on the sight of locals picnicking- goblets? China? A cheese course? It’s all true. Parisian picnics are no brown bag affairs. In true ornamental style, they elevate the picnic to a meal, a feast for all the senses. Whether you’re at home and want to bring some Français flare to your next out door dining or you’re abroad and looking to fit in and enjoy a Parisian experience, the Bonjour in Paris blog is a helpful guide to packing your basket like a local.


What did I miss? Anything catch your attention this week? Tell me: bonjour@parisbyheart.com


a bientôt!