Current Trends of French Beauty


French beauty has been describe as effortless, though it’s anything but.


French women are under a lot of pressure to look beautiful and especially ‘French’, interestingly, the beauty regimes they follow are not widely talked about.

American beauty routines place an emphasis on make up artistry, hair color and created style. French beauty routines focus primarily on healthy looking skin without makeup, clothing fashion, scent, and minimalist jewelry.

If you’re vacationing or working in Paris and want to adjust your beauty routine to look more French, here are the top things you need to do:
HAIR-Let your hair go natural. French women seldom dry their hair and use heat styling. Try showering in the evening and letting your hair air dry before bed, sleeping on slightly damp hair. No, your hair won’t look like it does back home. Use a little texturizing product, go for a loose, almost-beach-like texture. Leave the barrettes, headbands and clips at home, French women seldom adorn their hair. Air dry, texture and go.

SKIN- In your makeup routine, go for a fresh ‘I’m not wearing foundation look’ either by skipping your foundation, or using a tinted moisturizer. If you can’t leave home without your Revlon Colorstay, mix a touch moisturizer or primer into your foundation before applying and just don’t add powder on top.

SCENT- Your look isn’t complete without a touch of perfume, you can’t go wrong with Chanel No. 5, it’s a classic, still popular, and well associated with French allure.

EYES- One coat of mascara, and a thin line of liquid eyeliner on top, no eyeshadow. That’s it. L’Oreal brand mascara is a standby of many make up artists’ cases.

NAILS- clean, trimmed, no extreme lengths or crazy colors.

CLOTHING- For many people, “Paris” is synonymous with “fashion.”  Clothing trends change a little less quickly for European clothing outlets, so clothing purchases tend to be high quality with a focus on longevity of style. Clothes are well cared for, fit perfectly, and always on pointe. If you want to adopt just one change to your personal routine to make your look more classical, buy 1/4 the amount of clothes, but without changing your clothing budget- buy high quality in classical styles. You’ll be amazed what this can do for your overall look.

LIPS- If you want drama, this is where you can do it. Red lipstick is in every french woman’s beauty kit. Go for it. You know you’ve always wanted to. Lip colors in France are not matte or very glossy, go for a mid weight of gloss and tone if you want to keep it natural.






Contribution by Rachel of Rachel Diane Esthetics, Certified Makeup Artist, CA Licensed Esthetician and model. For a more detailed list of specific products she recommends to create a Parisian look, please click on the link on “Rachel Diane Esthetics.”

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