Exercise in Paris- Jogging Paths and Yoga Studios

Keep up on exercise while vacationing in Paris- guide for yogis and joggers.

Hopefully, you’re planning to in Paris a long time- at least a long time by American vacation standards. I don’t know about you, but if I’m buying that international ticket and putting my body through jet lag (and I’m a huge wimp about coping with jet lag…it takes me forever to recover), well, you’ll want to keep up on exercise while you’re in Paris.

In my 20’s it was enough that I walked everywhere. I could hop off the plane, only have two or three bad days of jet lag, and call my Parisian walking tour “exercise,” all while drinking wine with lunch and dinner and at least two cafes a day. It was awesome.

However, I am no longer in my 20’s. My body is sore after a long flight, jet lag lingers, and if I have wine too early in the day, I’ll just end up taking a nap. Exercise and massage have become my magic bullet to travel recovery. In a previous blog, I wrote about great spas in Paris where you can indulge in some pretty amazing treatments that might make you (almost) feel 20 again (or if you are actually 20, just feel your beautiful, radiant self), but for me, exercise is the other side of the health and beauty coin.

I’m not much of a gym rat, I prefer to exercise in whatever way a yoga mat and good running shoes can offer me, and that’s just fine for travel- especially in Paris. The joggers guide from France Revisited is so good, comprehensive and descriptive (includes tips on metro stops!), I couldn’t do any better. http://francerevisited.com/2008/10/paris-on-the-run-a-guide-for-the-jogging-traveler/


photo: wikimedia commons

Another easy traveler option is yoga. Just as popular in Europe as it is in the States, there are many beautiful yoga studios scattered over Paris. If you don’t care about price (classes might be upwards of 20 Euro each), your options for exercise and relaxation in artful surroundings are plentiful. When price matters there’s a great meet up group called Affordable Yoga in Paris, and classes are just 6 Euro each. If you’re looking for guides to yoga studios, naturally- those abound on the blogosphere. And don’t worry too much about language- many classes are conducted in English, some even in Sanskirt with translations to French and English.


photo: wikimedia commons

For some serious “om worthy” pictures, check out the hip Paris blog.

For a comprehensive directory of studios, Kasia Dietz wrote this fantastic guide for Bonjour Paris


What did I miss? Have any tips for jogging, yoga, or keeping up on your workouts in Paris?? email me at Bonjour@parisbyheart.com