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Stunning photographs, French fun facts, tips on renting a bike in Paris, and more. The weekly blog round up of the week's best in Pars blog network. 


The best blogs from Paris through June 19th


Do as the Parisians Do…

On the whole, Paris really has a handle on mass transit and enviro-friendly options for getting around. Velib is one of their solutions- a bike rental program. Across the city you’ll see these bikes lined up, parked, and locked in till you rent one for your own transport needs; just return it to any Velib station, you don’t have to take it back to where you rented it. You can pay for rentals by the day, or even up to the year. But don’t skip reading this blog post by Secrets of Paris for some tips on how to best use Velib- the most cost effective way and the general etiquette. Thanks Secrets of Paris for this helpful post!



Swoon over the Paris Opera House

Wow. I mean…wow. There’s nothing quite like the Paris Opera House. Even if old school detailed ornamentation isn’t your personal style, take a moment to look over these pictures and at least appreciate the time and artistry that went into the development of this iconic Opera house. Plus, ParisCherie shares tips on how to actually view a show while you’re traveling in Paris. The photo at the top of this blog is just one small glimpse into the majesty of the building. Click over to Paris Cherie for more.


Full on Parisian wow

Another mostly picture blog, this one from Messy Nessy Chic totally reaches ‘WOW’ levels with stunning pictures of Paris by photographer Thibaud Poirier. I have a new favorite photographer to stalk now, thanks to this post. Opening with a picture of the old inner city Parisian railway, abandoned since 1934, Poirier’s photos can’t be summarized, but the word “big” comes to mind. The blog also includes a link to Poirier’s tumblr, very much worth the follow for all those who love Paris or just great photography.

Random fun facts

I admit it, I’m a sucker for these list style blogs- the 10 things you must see, the 12 hidden such and such…the 11 Thing You Didn’t Know About the French Language. Head over to Simple French to absorb another set of fun facts about the French Language and France.

I’m gonna soak up the sun

This post is in French, but that pretty much doesn’t matter as long as you know what it’s about: 5 Exquisite Terraces for Soak up the Sun in Paris. Ok, it’s not a literal translation but that’s the gist. This is a great resource for anyone traveling to- or living in Paris- this summer and fall while weather is temperate and outdoor seating is available. The webpage simply lists the five restaurants/café, has a little info on their hours and menu, but the important part for you is to click on the name of the café. That’ll open up another page with the address.



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Photo credits: both found on Wikimedia Commons

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