Paris on a Budget

Travel in Paris doesn't have to break the bank- with a little planning you can absorb all that culture and good food on a budget.

Paris is the capital city of France and often tagged as one of the most fashionable and cosmopolitan city within Europe.  There's a reason women have been yearning for clothes from Paris, literally for centuries.  Also known as the city of light, it has been attracting tons of tourists and immigrants over the past several years. Pretty  much anyone you meet would be happy to travel and explore the city...but one thing tends to get in the way. The budget. There are some factors to be brought under the limelight when you wish to enjoy Paris on a budget. Here is a guide that highlights some of the pointers that will help you to get around on the cheap.


When you are travelling around Paris on a shoestring budget and when you wish to make most out of the trip, you need to make some compromises in terms of transport. One of the reasonable options to travel around in Paris without breaking the bank is by resorting to the city’s Metro system. Paris has one of the most extensive and efficient Metro systems across Europe. The city’s transportation network is characterized by a commuter train system tagged with the name RER. RER is regarded as one of the cheapest means of transports when it comes to travelling around from the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Most of the masses believe that Paris is best enjoyed on foot; if you are wise and game for indisputable walk-ability then you can literally enjoy Paris and make the trip a memorable one. So skip the cabs, as thrilling as it is to be tossed around an old Mercedes, weaving in and out of 'creative' Parisian driving- the metro is your best bet. 

Finding the right lodging

Hotels are lovely, and in Paris they are also very chic- and expensive. Finding a vacation apartment for rent in Paris can be an easy task, however, when it comes to finding one at a reasonable rate, you might find the task a tad tedious. If you are planning to travel to Paris on a budget, one of the keys to grabbing apartments for rent at a reasonable rate is by booking for one as early as possible. The last thing you want is to travel around Paris with your luggage, in search for a reasonable apartment, believe me, if you don’t perform the necessary research and do your homework right, prepare yourself for the legwork. In the present scenario, finding reasonable apartments in Paris is something that can be considered as a walk down the hill. Can I recommend Paris by Heart?  Sources like these provide you with the provision of filtering out apartments for rent in Paris with respect to vital factors like type, district, metro etc.

When it comes to choosing an apartment on a budget, you can always consider choosing one that is not within the city center. The apartments outside the city center tend to be a least expensive when compared to the other ones.

When sorting out an apartment type, you need to be knowledgeable about the respective variants. For instance, a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment may not have a big distinguishable factor between them. If you are not planning to spend a lot of time in your room, you certainly can go for a studio apartment and save up to 30%.

Cook at home

If you're in an apartment instead of hotel, you'll have the option of eating at home. You really don't want to miss out on dining in Paris, no matter what your budget, but cooking in your little rental kitchen has its own charms. First off, you get to have the authentic Parisian experience of going to a grocery store- an epicerie. 

Free Days

Many museums in Paris are open for free on the first Sunday of the month, or have their own schedule of additional free times. Last I checked, you can tour the Louvre for free on Wednesday afternoons. Check has a list of days and times you can access monuments and museums on the cheap.

Dining Out

You’ll notice many Parisian cafes and restaurants advertising a “prix fixe” menu, their daily specials, on a chalk board on their door step. The important thing to remember, is that their dinner specials will be exactly the same and a few dollars more expensive for each person. If you’re doing to put your apartment kitchen to good use, try eating out for lunch and maybe your afternoon café, but come back to fix dinner.


Happy Travels folks! And let me know if you have any great tips for Paris on a budget.