Independence Day

Do other countries celebrate the 4th of July? It's a commonly asked question on Google and the obvious answer is that every country, everywhere *has* a July fourth. But what we really mean is "Do other countries celebrate Independence Day?" Well, they don't celebrate the United States's birthday, but they do have their own hallmarks of independence and radical political changes. Here are just a few: 


Celebrating their separation from Portugal, Brazil observes Independence day on September 7th. Marked by parades in nearly every town and city, the day is one of great excitement and passion. Balloons, banners, streamers, flags... complete with carnivals and parties- it's an event with great dignity and love.  And let's be honest, they really know how to party in Brazil. 


South Africa

In 1994, South Africa held their first non-racial, democratic election on April 27th. Though they declared their independence from Great Britain on May 31st of 1910, today they remember Freedom Day on April 27th- not only an observation of independence but also a restoration of dignity. 



Another country celebrating their independence from British colonial efforts, India celebrates their freedom on August 15th. So how do they get into the spirit? Much like everyone else with waving the flag and speeches addressing freedom- India also includes some amazing kite flying as part of their celebration. 



March 25th, 1821 was the first day of the Greek War of Independence. Today, March 25th is celebrated as Indepdence Day- to commemorate their separation from the Ottoman Empire. Athens hosts a large armed forces parade but in towns and villages all over Greece, children wear traditional dress and march through the streets, displaying their flag. 



Ahhh, Bastille Day, the French Independence Day! Just after the American Independence Day, we once again revel in the Red, White and Blue. The Tour Eiffel is splashed with color, fireworks abound, and flags are proudly displayed, live music at every turn, and of course- a huge parade through the streets of Paris passes by the Champs Elysees. Marking the storming of the Bastille in Paris, it's a day celebrating the end of oppressive monarchy and the beginning of the French constitution. Vive la France!



All images except the last picture (the Tour) are courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. Last photo via flickr for common usage.